An Important Message for Our Members

The Board of Directors wishes to update members on the following matters.

In the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the ANBMT is cognizant of the directives from the Province of NB, as well as the CMTNB. We urge members to consider the following risks;

1. There is a very real risk that conducting a massage therapy treatment will result in transmission/contraction of Covid-19, despite using your best efforts in following universal precautions.

2. CMTNB has taken the position that massage therapy is not an essential service during this pandemic. Not only do you risk transmission/contraction of Covid-19, but also disciplinary action by the CMTNB if you provide massage therapy treatments.

3. Lackner McLennan Insurance has informed the association that the RMT insurance coverage policy MAY NOT cover you should you unknowingly infect a client with COVID-19. You will be taking a risk that your professional liability insurance will not cover you if you provide treatments during the pandemic.

As a result, we strongly recommend that our members adhere to the directives of the CMTNB. Updates will be provided as applicable.

We are all subject to an extraordinary medical, economic, and social situation. As your Board, we understand the challenges you face as many of us face the same challenges. We will closely monitor the evolving developments and will work with our Executive Director to provide you with the best possible information and guidance.

Board of Directors,


Proud Member of the CMTA