Worker's Compensation, EI Sickness Benefits, Disability and Critical Illness Plans



Workers’ compensation is available for a work-related injury or illness and is not provided for workers who withdraw from work for preventive reasons.

Claims submitted for a COVID-19 virus infection contracted through a work-related exposure are adjudicated on a case-by-case basis. For a claim to be accepted, evidence must show that the infection arose out of and in the course of employment and the risk of contracting the disease through the employment is greater than the risk associated with contracting it through day-to-day living. Learn more about the application of benefits or how to complete a Form 67.

See also: Policy 21-109 Conditions for Entitlement – Infectious Diseases

Workplace health and safety, and the coronavirus


EI sickness benefits: What these benefits offer


Corporate Life, Disability & Critical Illness Plans: For more information contact Robert Mcguire of Atlantic Benefits Collaborative

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